So simple. So good.

These delicious cheeseball mixes are easily made with cream cheese

and butter. (Low fat cream cheese and margarine may be used.)

They are excellent on club or saltwater crackers, celery sticks,bagel chips, or toast rounds. Especially tasty with cocktails or a glass of wine.


Oven Roasted

Warm these in the oven for a tasty treat!

Garden Primavera Cheeseball - A fresh tasting cheeseball made with a variety of vegetables. Carrots, onions, bell peppers, tomato and herbs with a slight hint of garlic.

$4.75 each                                                          


White Cheddar & Chives Cheeseball - A wonderfully mild flavor of chives and white cheddar cheese. Excellent for brunch or hors d'oeuvres.

$4.75 each                                                          


Parmesan Pesto Cheeseball - A top seller. Italian seasonings with garlic and parmesan cheese. Great with cocktails.

$4.75 each                                                          


Bell Pepper Garlic Cheeseball - A very popular cheeseball, especially the garlic lover.

$4.75 each                                                          


Cheddar Bacon Cheeseball - A traditional flavored appetizer, just like its name. Cheddar cheese and bacon.

$4.75 each                                                          


Tarragon Tomato Onion Cheeseball - A year round favorite with a delicious Béarnaise-style flavoring. Super with a glass of wine.

$4.75 each                                                          


Southwestern Cilantro Cheeseball - Wow! A spicy but delicious southwest flavor for the person who likes it a little “hot”.

$4.75 each                                                          


La Fiesta! Cheeseball - A really hot southwest flavored cheeseball. Hot peppers, tomato, chili, and cilantro.

$4.75 each                                                          


Oven-Roasted Garlic Herb Cheeseball - Before serving, this appetizer is warmed in a 450° oven for five minutes. The result is a warm and creamy brie-like cheese which is delicious with cocktails.

$4.75 each                                                          


Apricot Chipotle Cheeseball - A savory cheeseball with a sweet flavor and a surprise kick in the end that is just spicy enough to warm your mouth. Great when paired with your favorite red wine.

$4.75 each


East Indian Harvest Cheeseball - An appetizer cheeseball with a flavorful hint of popular Middle Eastern fare. A delicious combination of paprika, cumin, and curry.

$4.75 each


The Martini Cheeseball - This popular appetizer cheeseball does not taste like a martini, but tastes especially good with a martini, a margarita, a favorite beer, a soda, or whatever. It is a delicious combination of garlic, onion, sun-dried tomatoes, and herbs.

$4.75 each                                                          
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