Dip-liciously refreshing!

The little dips are made with a combination of light sour cream

and plain yogurt. They make one cup, which is great when it’s just yourself or you wish to share with a friend.   All of them are delicious with chips or raw or steamed veggies.


The Hot Habanero Dip is perfect for the extreme spice lover!


The fruit dips are a new way to 

enjoy any kind of fruit with a cool refreshing flavor.

Hot Habanero Little Dip - Of all our flavors, this is the spiciest and the most popular.  Made with light sour cream and plain yogurt.  Use on hamburgers, as a dipping sauce for steak and in your taco’s for a spicy bite.

$3.00 each                                                        


Veggie Little Dip - Made with all naturally dried vegetables. This dip mix, made with light sour cream and plain yogurt, is a great spread for Pita Bread sandwiches.

$3.00 each                                                         


Garlic & Chive Little Dip - This flavorful dip is perfect with chips and vegetables.  For a twist, add 1 tablespoon of butter or margarine to the mixture and spread on hot bread as a garlic bread topping.

$3.00 each                                                         


Sesame Parmesan Little Dip - One of our newest little dips to date, this is becoming very popular as a salad dressing.

$3.00 each                                                        


Spinach, Lemon & Thyme Little Dip - Our old time favorite Big Dip is now in a smaller portion for those nights when it’s only two for dinner.   Makes an excellent sauce with fish or chicken.

$3.00 each                                                         


Southwest Ranchero Little Dip - A little more mild than the Habanero Dip, but just as popular.  Use as a salad dressing when you want to kick things up a notch.

$3.00 each                                                         


Green Herbe Little Dip - Excellent with steamed or raw vegetables, or as a salad dressing.

$3.00 each                                                         


Tandoori Little Dip - An interesting flavor of curry, great on a pita sandwich or with chips.

$3.00 each                                                         


Horseradish Little Dip - Just as the name states, this has a nice little bite and goes great with vegetables or chips.

$3.00 each                                                         


BLT Little Dip -  It's your favorite sandwich, in a dip! If you like bacon, you'll love our BLT Little Dip.

$3.00 each


Tangy Orange Fruit Dip - Finally, a fruit dip with low fat and calories! Serve with your favorite fruit.

$3.00 each


Butterscotch Fruit Dip - A delicious new dip to serve with fresh fruit; strawberries, bananas, grapes, apple slices, melon.  For a fun party treat, spear red or green grapes with toothpicks, fill a bowl, and let guests enjoy.

$3.00 each                                                         
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